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I just wanted to say how impressed we are with your company and guides.  My parents loved both guides and we will be asking for both of them again and again! Thank you for making the tour amazing for our customers.

~~Frontline Tours

Just wanted to pass along that we had nothing but rave reports about our groups’ guides – they simply loved them  Thanks SO much! Nell and Brenda where lovely to work with. Brenda was really well received by the group, a very entertaining Lady. Literally. Getting on stage to sing for us at Tootsies, which was an additional stop. Well done Brenda

~~O’Explora Tours

We had a great time.  Janice and Eugene are special people and took good care of our group. Not one complaint from our group.  Thanks again Stacy for your help.

~~USS Shadwell

The trip was one for the ages thanks to Janice and Eugene and of course, your work behind the scenes. I especially want to applaud Eugene. I had a money pouch with $300 in it which, unbeknownst to me, I dropped. Eugene found and returned it. Also, at the Opry, either Janice or you mentioned that our group was there. The announcer gave a shout to us and 4000 people gave us a standing ovation. I was flabbergasted! I have never had an ovation, let alone a standing one. There are no people like country people. I will carry that for the rest of my life.

~~USS Shadwell